Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Honour Brand Tees

Also available in adult sizes, the General Sherman tee is one of the latest  designs celebrating California Heritage.  This amazing tree (which grows in the Sequoia National Park) is beautifully depicted on these tees and is celebrated as the tallest living tree in the world.  Just amazing.  And majestic.  Who wouldn't want one of these shirts?  Come in and try one on for yourself.

Honour Brand for Kids

From Novelty tees with a glance back to local history, to sweatshirts and baseball caps, there is something for everyone in this collection.  AND they make the best gifts.  Ever!!

New Tween Styles from Imoga

Delightful, fresh, young, stylish, feminine, fashion-forward. . . I could keep going on.  This Spring collection from Imoga captures all of the above and most importantly of all, is age appropriate.  Your girl will love to peruse the racks and you'll love to see her feeling her best and her self.
Love. Love. Love this line!!!!!!